All-New Twenty to Make: Flowers to Knit


This collection of beautiful blooms will give you something colourful all year round: knit a spring bunch of daffodils, a summer bouquet of roses, a display of autumn-flowering anemones and a festive poinsettia.

There are 20 projects to choose from, including: an intricate peony; a colourful freesia; a delicate viola; the iconic English rose; and the distinctive Scotch thistle. The projects contain an appealing mix of yarns, colours, techniques and textures, and feature both flat and 3D styles. They can be used as brooches, keyrings, or to decorate purses and handbags. There is also a knitted vase to make for your bouquet.

This fantastic little hardback project book, in a handy pocket-size format is part of the All-New Twenty to Make series.

Table of Contents

Introduction 4
Materials and tools 6
Techniques 8

Daffodil 14, Daisy 16, Crocus 18, Poppy 22, Lavender 24, Carnation 26, Pansy 28, Viola 30, Anemone 32, Scotch thistle 34, Tulip 36, Peony 38, Lily 40, Poinsettia 42, Cherry blossom 44, Buttercup 46, Cosmos 48, Freesia 50, Rose 54, Vase and spring flowers 57