Colour pencil tin Van Gogh Museum - Sunflowers


A luxurious storage tin with the iconic painting Sunflowers, one of Van Gogh's world-famous masterpieces. Van Gogh was one of the few artists to give the sunflower the leading role in various flower still life paintings. Compared to the traditional dark flower arrangements, his Sunflowers were an explosion of colour.

Contents: twelve coloured pencils.

About Bruynzeel pencils

  • Bruynzeel pencils are made of high-quality pigments, which results in a nice colour output and makes them easy to mix with each other.
  • The core measuring 2.9 mm ensures extra-long colouring fun.
  • All Bruynzeel pencils are gluten-free and are made with care from responsibly sourced wood.
  • Bruynzeel pencils are also double-glued, so they are extra strong and the chance of the colour core breaking - for example, if the pencil falls to the ground - is minimal!