The Art Worms on Imagination Street


How people who already own the book feel about it:

The Art Worms on Imagination Street…

“I would recommend this book to anyone with a curious mind and the imagination to go down the wormhole into the bright world of creativity and imagination.”

“...a wonderful book, written and illustrated in a unique style...takes you through the back door into a wonderful alternative world of art and artists.”

“Your book looks great!...such an original idea!”

 “...a fascinating introduction to a collection of artists with brilliant flashes of light and insight into their work.”

 “Lautrec is the key with his distinctive and memorable appearance. He has already evolved into a superstar and is worming his way into all sorts of other adventures.”

“...what a delightful read..,and super depictions of the story. It did make me lol...” 

About the book:

 The Art Worms on Imagination Street is a unique work about art, artists and Creativity. Author Linda Hampton has taken well known artists and reimagined them, as her unique invention-namely Art Worms - in a quirky and absurdist style. She has co-created this work with artist Francis Charlton who has designed and created 18 full colour eccentric original illustrations. This meeting of minds between writer and artist transports the reader to a make-believe underground world where anything is possible. Each page follows the Art Worms’ encounters with each other and their art works in an original and curious narrative. 

Linda and Francis aim to use their work to smash the proverbial glass case that surrounds works of art, to rip up the oft enforced ‘do not touch’ instruction and to unhook the rope barrier to allow unrestricted access.

In an attempt to debunk some myths that art is for the elite, The Art Worms on Imagination Street sets out to entertain anyone with a love of art and more importantly those yet to discover it.It is an introduction to the history of art told in a whimsical way; a means of becoming familiar with some of the most important artists who have ever lived and at the same time being entertained by their quirky imagined adventures.

The Art Worms on Imagination Streetis the first in a series of co-creations by writer and actor Linda Hampton and artist and writer, Francis Charlton. The second and third in the series are currently in development and are planned for publication in 2021.