Watercolour Rosa 12 Paints Urban Sketching Assorted Colours


URBAN SKETCHING set of 12 colours in a turquoise colour case will help to keep the impression of cities and travel. The set is formed of colours ideal for urban sketches. Most of the colours in the set are monopigmented, which allows you to create pure shades when mixed. The maximum level of light fastness of colours of a set guarantees the preservation of artworks over time.   Paints in the set: 704 Titanium White, 731 Cadmium Yellow Light, 740 Bright Red, 709 Magenta Rose, 711 Green, 712 Emerald Green, 716 Cobalt Blue, 715 Ultramarine, 719 Yellow Ochre, 753 Royal Brown, 720 Sepia, 724 Neutral black