Adriafil - Vitamina


A yarn that gives you the energy for the winter!

Guaranteed vitamin effect, thanks to the well-being given by the extraordinary mix of natural fibers on the skin and with sugary colors.

An 100% natural composition in which 50% of alpaca (superfine) and 50% of merino wool (superfine) they have been calibrated to obtain the best results in terms of quality, colour, volume and lightness.

La brushed bouclé structure it has been studied according to the properties of the precious fibers: the brushing increases the already intrinsic softness and deliberately extracts the fibers creating the much sought-after mohair effect, forfeiting body heat. A perfect heat exchange is guaranteed!

With Vitamina yarn you can create those "airy" and voluminous garments that you like so much, maintaining a soft workmanship and a Nordic taste.
Choose whether to knit it with size 7 needles (the recommended one) or with bigger needles to give even more volume to your garments!

It is ideal for those who love to work with thick needles: Knitting flows fast, it's also ideal for beginners and also perfect for accessories.

A yarn fromexcellent yield: 6 balls are enough for you to knit your pullover!